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6 Minute SEL Lessons

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6 Minute SEL is a resource to help boost core SEL skills.


It contains 150 ready-made lessons. Each lesson only takes 6 minutes and can be used as prompts during restorative circles, as warm-up activities for whole group or small groups, or as a think-pair-share activity - the options are limitless!

Did You Know...

Self-Awareness is the most frequently discussed skill in SEL literature. It is characterized as the ability to identify, recognize, and explain one’s emotions accurately.

Harlacher, 2008

Goals of 6 Minute SEL

The goal of 6-Minute SEL is to help students:

  • accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, and beliefs 

  • take the perspective of and empathize with others

  • recognize and discuss how to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors in different situations

  • build and maintain healthy relationships

  • make constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions

Use of Prompts to Promote Core SEL Skills

6 Minute SEL targets each of the 5 core SEL competencies by using prompts. Here are a few suggestions for using the 6 Minute SEL prompts:

  • Select a Core SEL competency to begin with. 

  • Use prompts as

    • Warm-up activities

    • Mindful Minutes (6 to be exact!)

    • Restorative Circle Discussion Starters - my fav!

    • Oral, or written story starters

    • Think-Pair-Share activities

    • Exit slips

    • SEL boosters to pre-existing curricula

  • Use during whole group or small group

  • Be creative! There is no limit to how you can use these short SEL lessons and prompts.


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