SELTV offers access to premium SEL video content, lessons, series, even webinars for educators and parents, all on one platform. SELTV curates a massive library of original premium SEL video collections, which are added weekly. With new video collections added weekly,  there is certainly enough content to always discover something new! 

Introducing SELTV. Enjoy access to premium curated SEL content.


6 Minute SEL

6 Minute SEL is a resource to help boost core SEL skills. It contains 150 ready-made lessons. 

What's Poppin SEL Cards

What’s Poppin SEL Cards is a lively SEL game that will help you build positive school culture, relationships, and friendships.

Circle Talk

Circle Talk is a powerful resource designed to support adult well-being through the use of restorative circles! 

Ultimate Package: Schoolwide License

This school-wide license allows access to all of our signature lessons, activities, and resources for your entire school staff. 

Activity Book

Discovering the Ultimate You is our next biggest resource and is designed for youth ages 8 and up.


SEL Video Lessons

Kinda like the "Netflix" of SEL, but free! SEL Video Lessons of the Week drops every Sunday evening. 

Racial Equity Cards

Download the Where Am I? Racial Equity SEL Cards for FREE! 

Digital Notebook

Allows students to take notes & reflect as they watch our SEL video Lessons. 

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