Discovering The

Ultimate You

Discovering the Ultimate You is a children's wellness activity book rooted in principles of Positive Psychology. Click here to read more about the research and science behind Discovering The Ultimate You!


Discovering the Ultimate You is uniquely designed to promote wellness by helping youth ages 8 and up to:

  • explore their interests

  • express thoughts & feelings in a safe way

  • discover their strengths

  • set and achieve goals

  • create lyrics, raps, poetry, stories

  • doodle, color, and draw


What Activities Are Included?

This activity book includes 12 hands-on activities designed to promote children's wellness and shift from what’s wrong to what’s strong. It includes:

  • identifying strengths

  • mandala coloring pages

  • journaling

  • 3 good things

  • setting goals templates

  • plus so much more 

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The stunning designs were created to captivate youth, are culturally responsive, and hands-on activities. Each activity is uniquely designed to help youth ages 8 and up to shift from what’s wrong to what’s strong. You can get a free preview by clicking the button below.


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