Team SEL Spotlight School - Aquila Elementary School

We are excited to spotlight the work of Rachel Nelson and the Aquila Elementary School SEL Team. Located in St. Louis Park, MN, this SEL team is doing the work! Check out this brief spotlight to learn why they are #TeamSEL

#TeamSEL Spotlight - Aquila Elementary SLP Team SEL

We all know how important SEL & each individual's mental health is. This is especially true right now with the seemingly endless barrage of terrible news headlines. In that spirit, at Aquila Elementary School in St. Louis Park, MN, our SEL Team decided instead of simply asking our staff to practice self-care on their own, that each month we would supply all 91 of our staff members with Self-Care Kits, a BINGO card & Bi-weekly Self-Care Newsletter.

Each month we have a different theme to address our needs.

So far we have provided tools and activities around: Random Acts of Kindness, Replenishment, Holiday Relaxation & Movies, New Year's Intentions. BINGO cards are collected and participants are given the chance to choose from our Prize Collection we have put together through donations.

Facial masks, soap, lotion, candles, Homemade lavender eye-pillows, Maple Syrup from my brother, and more! If anyone would like the list of items we included in our kits, feel free to email any of us.

We have worked hard to drive home the point that practicing self-care is not just having our teachers paste a smile on their face - it is meant to directly impact their mindsets & stress levels.

The hope is to help keep our staff's stress levels down in order not to cause any potential unintended trauma for our most marginalized students. (Dena Simmons).

The Lessons for SEL curriculum & CIRCLE TALK have been great additions to our library this school year!

We have hosted a handful of Staff Circles over Zoom to help process feelings and build authentic relationships.

In St. Louis Park, we couldn’t' t have been more excited to see the #TEAMSEL swag become available!

These have become our go-to outfits for our Self-Care Cart days to be sure we are spreading the message verbally and nonverbally how important this topic is to everyone!

In SEL Partnership,

Rachel Nelson, School Counselor ~

Dana Baumesiter, School Social Worker ~

Katie Lail, School Psychologist ~

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