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For this license, the cost is $600. This license will provide every adult within your building with access to the activities. You will receive a unique link, which can be distributed to your staff. You may email this link to staff within your building or upload to a learning management system such as Blackboard, Canva, etc. Again, this license is permissible for staff within your building only. If someone outside of your building would like access, they will need to purchase a license on their own or for their school by visiting our website at www.lessonsforsel.com or by emailing byron@lessonsforsel.com.


Product Details:

Are you ready to Discover the Ultimate You?


Let’s face it, we’re all searching for our place in the world. We’re constantly writing our own life story, learning who we are, and realizing what makes us ultimate! Discovering the Ultimate You includes hands-on activities designed to help you shift from what’s wrong to what’s strong.


Activities are uniquely designed to help you explore your interests, your beliefs, your strengths, and your values in a simple and fun way that is youth-centered. Are you ready to discover your ultimate self?

Discovering The Ultimate You: Digital School-wide License

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