Are you ready to Discover the Ultimate You?


Let’s face it, we’re all searching for our place in the world. We’re constantly writing our own life story, learning who we are, and realizing what makes us ultimate! Discovering the Ultimate You includes hands-on activities designed to help you shift from what’s wrong to what’s strong.


You will find activities influenced by your favorite social media platforms, that allow you to reflect on 3 Good Things, that provide space to write the perfect lyrics to the next hit song, or to even write the next big movie! This book includes it all! Oh, let's not forget about the most amazing mandala coloring pages you will ever see! Each mandala coloring page is themed with culturally responsive, fun emoji style graphics, which will help youth to express their feelings and emotions. 


Activities are uniquely designed to help you explore your interests, your beliefs, your strengths, and your values in a simple and fun way that is youth-centered.


Each page is perforated so it is easy to tear out. This allows you to share your favorite design or frame your favorite piece! The perforated pages are also a great option if you want to stick a coloring page on the fridge or make a copy of your favorite design.


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Are you ready to discover your ultimate self?

Discovering The Ultimate You: Book


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