Resource Page

This page provides some of my favorite SEL resources from my very own dissertation, to the infamous 2013 CASEL Guide, and much more. Check back frequently as this page will be updated often. 

My Dissertation!

This is where it all started. My doctoral research. An investigation of CASEL SELect programs with minority students from high-poverty communities.

2013 CASEL Guide

Landmark SEL study. If you haven't read this, what are you waiting for? It's a must read!

How to Choose SEL Assessment

Looking for a measurement tool? Read this first! Really helpful and useful illustration.

SEL Measures Gold!

One of my favorite articles, which lists some of the best SEL measurements and citations. 

SEL Works!

Simply put... SEL works. This infogaphic highlights some of the many benefits of SEL. Perfect resource to share with admin.

2015 CASEL Guide

Update to the landmark SEL study. This guide focused on MS & HS.

SEL Gaining Momentum

While SEL is gaining momentum, educators still want more of it!

How We Learn SEL

This infographic illustrates the practice base for how we learn SEL.

How Teachers View SEL

Really good article that highlights teachers view of SEL (shout out to DCPS!)

Unmet Mental Health Needs

Infographic, which highlights the importance of mental health.

Truth About Teacher Burnout

Stop what you are doing and read this article now! Important article!

Every Student Succeeds Action Plan

Action plan to help you ensure every student succeeds.

Liberatory Design

Handy toolkit to practice Liberatory Design

6 Minute SEL Sample Preview

Free sample preview of 6 Minute SEL

Circle Talk Preview

Free sample preview of Circle Talk

What About You?

Adult SEL! A workbook for those who work with others.

Liberatory Design Mindsets

Handy toolkit to practice Liberatory Design

Liberatory Do Now's

Liberatory do now


Civic and Harts Research Report

Strengthening Adult SEL

SEL strategies to strengthen competencies within adults