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This FREE Digital Notebook is a way for students to take notes and write down any reflections as they watch YouTube Video Lessons. The file is editable so students can edit directly in the file!! Check out the images below to see if this notebook is a good fit for you and your students!


The SEL videos were created in March of 2020 as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic. The vision was to find a way to still provide SEL content to students. As a result, the Lessons For SEL YouTube channel was created!


Initially, videos were posted daily (M-F) for 13 weeks!


Now, videos are shared on a weekly basis under the SEL Videos of the Week! You can use the videos as...

  • Rounds for restorative circles

  • Conversation starters

  • Warm-up activities

  • Oral, or written story starters

  • Think-Pair-Share activities

  • SEL boosters to pre-existing curricula

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